20:00 to 21:30
Suitable for: 
All Seniors (16+)

Most Croydon Judo Club sessions are open to players of all levels, but if you are new or relatively new to Judo, whether as a junior or senior, then Monday nights are perfect. This adults sessions teach solid technique and provide an opportunity to develop your judo through standing randori (free practice), groundwork and other training methods.

We are also fortunate to regularly have other experienced coaches supporting James on the mats, and are often joined by more experienced players which enable players to learn from each other. It also means that those who have been practising judo for some time will certainly get a good workout!


James Jeffries

1st Dan


James has been training at Croydon Judo Club since he was 13 gaining promotion to black belt when he was just 17. Now he coaches the beginners’ adult class and assists in other classes.

“ I still compete in competitions all over the country and for anyone wanting to start judo, all I can say is you’re never too old to try something new. See you on the tatami (mat)”.