Mr Iura Kata Course Resounding success


Mr Iura’s Kata Course 2016 was another resounding success with a full mat on both Saturday for the Naga-no-Kata and Sunday for the Kimi-no-kata.

Mr Iura’s CV that is too extensive to print in full.  He has coached in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East – too many countries to list here.  The Japan Foundation and the Kodokan have posted him as Judo Expert to countries including Vietnam, India and Turkey. He is a highly experienced Kata Coach who has demonstrated various Kata at Kodokan ceremonies, the All Japan Championships and the Kano Cup.

Kata novices and experts all had a great time learning and perfecting their techniques and with such a depth of knowledge there was plenty to take away and practice.

We look forward to inviting Mr Iuru back in 2017