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A Life in Judo

Whether you are new to judo or not, 5 years old or 75 years old there truly is a life in judo and we have the class for you got the class for you.

Some of our member have been with us for decades, learning all the time and now passing on that knowledge to others from beginners to more seasoned players, others have joined us this year.

Take a look at our timetables for details of the classes to suit you.

Judo players then and now

Choose Judo

Judo is a dynamic Olympic sport with a strong tradition of improving and enhancing players mental and physical wellbeing. But its more than that, it’s a fun friendly competitive and cooperative sport with both dynamic movement and tactical thinking, with elements that can be learnt quickly and perfected over time with many subtle variations.

So if you are interested in becoming fitter, more flexible, improving your mental wellbeing at the same time as gaining technical skills …….

See you on the tatami.

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