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Children's Class (under 16)

Croydon Judo teaching the junior class

Would you like your child to improve their:

 ·       self-discipline

 ·       confidence

 ·       concentration

 ·       fitness

 ·       flexibility

and have a more positive attitude?

If so, then we can help.

Children's Judo classes at Croydon Judo Club are FUN and set out to encourage children to learn a great Olympic sport with core values that teach children:

·       Modesty

​·       Self-control

·       And gives them greater co-ordination, all essential skills for modern life.

Safe Environment

Judo, at Croydon Judo club, in a safe (no kicking or punching) environment enables children to play and enjoy the sport as well as learning key skills to improve their overall health and mental stamina.

In this fun and sociable environment the classes help them master the techniques, their courage and integrity whilst increasing their hunger to progress through their coloured belts.

Red, Yellow, Orange, Green Blue Brown and Black Belts.


Fun, Friendly and Fit

Above all playing judo is a fun activity where children don’t have to be particularly sporty. Children can start at any age and as we run classes for different age group and abilities they can always practice with people who know as much as you do, treat them with respect and want to have fun and learn.

Adult Classes (16+)

Adult judo

Everyone Welcome

Each of our adult classes have a slightly different feel, from technical profisency to competative practice and free practice (randori)  there is somethng for every one. Have a look at the time table section to pick a session, most of all come a long and have fun.

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