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Our Coaches Bios

Danny Harper started judo at evening classes in 1967, and joined Croydon Judo Club the year after. A 5th Dan (including 4 competitive Dan grades), Danny brings an enormous wealth of experience to the mats; two times Southern area Gold medallist and squad player for 6yrs. The very first player to be presented with the Cliff Baker-Brown award for services to judo in the Southern area, British trials Bronze medallist and National squad Surrey squads player. In addition, he has twice taken Gold in the Southern Area Masters (and once bronze), won Gold in the High Wycombe Masters and Bronze in the Samurai Masters.

Danny gained his coaching award in 1972, has coached the Surrey squad men and boys, is a personal safety advisor and assessor and is a judo instructor for young players with special needs and behavioural problems.

Danny Harper

5th DAN

Ashley started judo at the age of 11 and after a short break returned to the club to coach. From 2016 Ashley has actively competed at international level.
2016 – Port Elizabeth - Commonwealth (1st)
2017- Olbia - Worlds, Zagreb - Europeans
2018 – Markesh - Worlds (8th), Jaipur – Commonwealths (2nd Vets, 3rd Seniors), Turin (5th) – EMG
2022 - Heraklion - Europeans (3rd), Krakow - Worlds
2023 - Lillie(3rd), Belgium Veterans(2nd), Tampere EMG (1st), Port Elizabeth - Commonwealth (2nd), Abu Dhabi - Worlds (5th)
2024 – Riga - European Cup (2nd), Malta - Commonwealth (1st Vets, 2nd Ne waza)

He continues to compete in international competitions which speak volumes about his love for the sport.

Whilst Ashley competes at a high level, he encourages all players to maximize their potential, to learn and to enjoy each class.

Ashley Parrette

4th DAN

Richard started Judo at 5 years of age, and gained his 1st Dan at 17. He was a member of the Royal Navy Judo Squad and continues to compete nationally and internationally.

Richard is a dedicated coach who strives to help judo players of all ages learn good technique, develop skill and gain overall fitness and stamina, whether they wish to engage in competition judo, or simply enjoy training at the club.

He is also an active competition referee (National)

Richard Budd

2nd DAN

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